A Winter Wedding

Category - Drama
Date - 10/05/2023 - 13/05/2023 8:00 pm

written by Tomas Mac Anna
directed by Kieran Quinn

You are now in the McDara Republic, spreadin’ from the Gap of Barnesmore to the border an’ maybe a mile or two beyond. Chief industry, smuggling; chief occupation, drinkin’; chief pastime, tellin’ dirty yarns.

The Donegal hpw borderland during the Emergency is an independent undeclared republic of outcasts an’ outlaws, rogues an’ thieves an’ liars. When McDara uses his wife’s easygoing father (and local customs officer) to smuggle illegal goods across the border family friction results.

Written by Donegal playwright Tomas MacAnna, A Winter Wedding was first produced in 1956 at Dublin’s Abbey Theatre. Subsequent productions tread the boards here at The Balor in the 1980’s and again in the ‘90’s. Don’t miss this latest retelling of a classic local drama.