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Category - Drama
Date - 05/05/2017 - 06/05/2017 8:00 pm






The State Of The Nation

by Conor Malone, directed by Charlie Bonner

Four towering figures from Irish political history meet to play poker in the afterlife. As the game draws on the conversation hots up – covering topics from 1916 to civil war politics, water charges to hospital waiting lists and Apple tax to Brexit. 100 years on from 1916 just what do Thomas Davis, Jim Larkin, Michael Collins and Charlie Haughey make of the current State Of The Nation?

Featuring Conal Gallen as Charlie Haughey



the fundThe Fund (staged reading) by Conor Malone

In 1988 Senior Fund Manager Davison Budhoo resigned from the IMF. His open letter of resignation began:

Today I resigned from the staff of the International Monetary Fund after over twelve years, and after 1000 days of official fund work in Latin America and the Caribbean and Africa. To me resignation is a priceless liberation, for with it I have taken the first big step to that place where I may hope to wash my hands of what in my mind’s eye is the blood of millions of poor and starving peoples.
The blood is so much, you know, it runs in rivers. It dries up too; it cakes all over me; sometimes I feel that there is not enough soap in the whole world to cleanse me from the things that I did do in your name and in the names of your predecessors, and under your official seal.

His story was never told. Until now. The Fund is a re-imagining of the true story of one of the most earth-shattering revelations that no-one ever heard.

The Fund won 3rd prize in the 2015 RTE Radio One PJ O Connor awards and was broadcast on RTE Radio One Drama On One.