10 Dark Secrets Of The Irish Revolution

Category - Comedy
Date - 19/07/2017 8:00 pm





10 Dark Secrets of the Irish Revolution EDITMaster storyteller, comedian, musician and part-time historian Paddy Cullivan is back with his fascinating and engrossing new show 10 Dark Secrets Of The Irish Revolution.

This highly engrossing show combines satire and song with hundreds of striking images and stark historical insight which will leave you shocked at how little you really knew about the foundation myths of our country.

Unfolding like an Irish version of The Godfather merged with JFK, 10 Dark Secrets has a fascination that transcends Irish interest, speaking to all who aspire towards freedom, justice and a great (hi)story.

10 Dark Secrets premiered at the Limerick Spring Festival of Politics and Ideas in April 2016. Since then it has gone on to enjoy sell-out success at The New Ross Kennedy Summer School, The Kilkenomics Festival of Economics and Comedy and Leviathan – Mindfield at Electric Picnic amongst others with an international tour in the offing.

Praise for 10 Dark Secrets:

‘Romanticism makes way for pragmatism and careful analysis with Paddy’s unique brand of humour and story-telling genius’ – Irish Independent

‘An audience in hysterics, rapturous applause and lots of food for thought’ – John F. Kennedy Summer School

‘Freewheeling Political Polemic that makes you laugh while making you think’ – The Irish Times

‘Paddy Cullivan is a National Treasure’ – David McWilliams, Economist