Technical Info

We are a state of the art theatre complex, based in the heart of Ballybofey, County Donegal.

The venue features:


3.0Kw Digital Dimmers (SLC) Unison x 64 channels ETC Express  Lighting Console ETC Source 4 15°-30° Ellipsodial Zoom Spotlights x 12Selecon Rama 7°-50° 1.2k Fresnels x 12ETC Source 4 750w Par Cans x16 with additional lens kits but no barn doorsSelecon Aurora Cyc Floods x 9  4 Par 64 cans4 Par 56 cans.

We also have an additional stock of older CCT profiles and Fresnel’s 4 Mobile booms and floor plates.

We can also provide a complete 15 amp dimmer pack and 8 way outputs and we have some 16amp to 15amp convertors.

In the Scene dock we have one 32amp outlet and one 63amp socket as well as a DMX output There are four hoist operated lighting bars onstage with 8 ready patched sockets per bar and the option to change the patch to allow some bars to have 12 sockets patched in.

There is one FOH bar that has 8 sockets patched and can again be patched to allow up to 12 outlets.

There are also two side booms with 6 sockets each 3 of which are ready patched. Each corner of the stage at floor level has a further 4 16 amp outlets at the stage corners that can be patched to the dimmers as well as additional 13amp sockets and DMX outputs.


The full stage from back wall to the proscenium arch is 8.8m deep and the arch is 8.6m wide The wings on stage right are 2.3m wide by 8.6 meters deep while the stage left wing is 8.6m deep but varies in depth from 1.1m wide at the stage front widening to 2.3m at the stage rear. The proscenium height is 5.5m the grid height needs to be confirmed. There are a total of 12 flyable bars on hoists with a hand operated front curtain we have two extra black curtain sets and one cyclorama which is usually hung on the back wall.


Allen and Heath 24 channel desk2 Denon CD decks1 minidiskSound effects and EQFOH has 4 Martin speakers4 way monitor mix is available as are additional bass bins.