Helpful Information


Attending an event at The Balor

At the Balor we believe that theatre, music and the arts in general are for everyone to enjoy and we pride ourselves on our informal, relaxed yet professional approach.

What Should I Wear?

The simple answer is whatever you like! It’s your night out so you call the shots. On any given night you’ll find some people dressed up for their big night out and others in jeans and t-shirts. Whatever you’re most comfortable in.

When Should I Arrive?

The time on your ticket is the time the performance begins. We’ advise you to get here 20 – 30 minutes beforehand. This gives you time to collect tickets you’ve booked online or over the phone, meet with friends, have a drink etc.

Can I Get A Drink?

Yes! The Balor has a fully licensed theatre bar serving a wide range of refreshments – beer, spirits, wine, tea, coffee, minerals etc.

The bar opens at 7.30pm on performance nights and remains open during the interval and for half an hour after the performance.


Where Do I Sit?

For theatre style shows (drama, comedy and some music shows) the Balor auditorium has 200 or 300 seats. Theatre seated shows have allocated seating. When you book your ticket you will be assigned a certain seat. Ushers are on hand to direct you to your seat.

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cabaret seating

For some of our music gigs we retract our theatre seating and use a cabaret style tables and chairs seating arrangement. Seating for these shows are unallocated and operate on a first come first served basis on the night.

When The Show Is On…

Mobile phones should be switched off before the start of the show. If you’re worried about the babysitter or waiting on urgent news at the very least please put your device on silent.

Strictly speaking recording devices – cameras, mobile phones with cameras, video etc. are prohibited. If the performer doesn’t have a problem with you recording the show we don’t mind either but it’s up to them. It’s their work so please respect their wishes.

What’s The Story With Children?

We love children. Especially other peoples that we can hand back!

Children are very welcome to attend but please make sure that they are properly supervised and that they’re not interfering with anybody else’s enjoyment. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

Noise from the audience can be distracting for a performer and a nuisance to other audience members so children, just like adults, will be expected to sit quietly in their seats during a performance.

Also some productions may not be suitable for children. Feel free to ask our advice at the box office.