Widow’s Paradise


24/10/2022 - 27/10/2022    
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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written by Sam Cree
directed by Caroline Bell




A hilarious comedy packed with laugh out loud moments.

Five ladies embark upon a strictly women only holiday in a luxury caravan in 1960’s Donegal. Among them is strong-willed, outspoken widow Ruby (Margo Duffy) with a strong dislike for men and ditzy Lucy (Bernie Thompson) who’s in search for love. Rachel (Mary Sweeney) is adamant that all men are ‘Dirty auld brutes’ whilst Vanessa (Cathleen Bradley) is another widow who is interested only in the finer and more expensive things in life. Making up the five is Ruby’s daughter Sylvia (Lorraine Gallagher) – brought along to learn from the others mistakes.

The arrival of o-nonsense alpha-male Harry (Mickey McMahon), dim-witte sidekick Ernie (Shaun Laverty) and handsome young son Alan (Desmond Crawford) threaten to turn the entire holiday upside down. Add a couple of surprise visitors in the form of Wilfred (JC Bonar) and Farmer John (Eddie English) and a case of mistaken caravan identity to the mix and what was supposed to be a scene of peace and quiet descends into utter chaos!