The Year Of The Hiker

The Year Of The Hiker


30/04/2024 - 02/05/2024    
8:00 pm

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by John B Keane
directed by Kieran Quinn

Balor DCA bring this John B Keane classic to the stage.

Hiker Lacey left his wife and children 20 years ago to take to the road. Now, he returns, unknowingly, on the evening of his daughter’s wedding. The reception that he receives may not be what he was expecting.

As the drama unfolds Keanes powerful writing gives us an insight into the effect on a family deserted by their globe-wandering father, the development of their coping powers, the reaction to his return and ultimately the real reason why the Hiker took to the roads and eventually returns.

Written in 1964, this drama of love, bitterness, jealousy, selfishness, pride and reconciliation is on of John b Keane’s finest plays. The Year of the Hiker contains some of Keane’s most lyrical and tender writing sprinkled with trademark wit. On production the play immediately gained a major place in the Keane canon and has been produced almost continuously in Ireland over the last forty years.