Bob Wayne

Bob Wayne


8:00 pm

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bob wayneOutrageous country outlaws with a sound like Waylon Jennings on crack.

Donegal, buckle up and get ready for Bob Wayne & his Outlaw Carnies.
After a long hard run down the roads and dirt tracks of America Bob Wayne has gathered up some outlaws and they formed themselves a band.

The music is as wild as the name suggests. Sensational guitar, banjo and fiddle played at breakneck pace like Waylon Jennings on crack with a backing band who could have come straight from the set of Sons Of Anarchy lettin’ out that carney sound. You will not have seen a heard a band like this before.

Bobs Outlaw Carnies are a revolving crew of entertainers, a moveable feast. Every day is different, every player, every show. Will you see a bearded lady? Unless you go you’ll never know. So come one, yeah, come all. When this ho down comes around who knows? You could be an outlaw too!

Warning: Over 18’s. Explicit lyrics. Not for the faint hearted. Don’t come if you’re easily offended.