Ags Connolly

Ags Connolly


8:00 pm

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Ags Connolly is widely considered to be one of the best country artists ever to emerge from the UK. His popularity has grown considerably in the US since the release of his 2019 album Wrong Again (named UK Country Music Album Of The Year). He has also established a strong following in countries like the Netherlands and Sweden that value his traditional sound

A twice previous visitor to The Balor (once in the company of Pat Reedy, the 2nd time with Leo Rondeau) Ags returns as part of an Irish and UK tour to mark the release of his 4th studio album Siempre. Recorded at Woodworm Studios in Oxfordshire Siempre takes the glimmers of Texas border sounds heard on Ags’ last two records and merges them with Tejano music and barroom waltzes while also accommodating his honky tonk and singer-songwriter roots. “It’s best described as a Texas music album”, Ags explains. “Texas-style country is my favourite, and it takes many forms. I wanted to celebrate them all.”

Modern day traditionalism of the very, very best kindBob Harris, BBC Radio 2
This isn’t British-style country music. This is country-style country musicSaving Country Music
Killer…Ags has that old Lefty Frizzell feel in his voiceTom Russell
…Few contemporary singers can move by just the sound of their voice alone. A New Master who sounds like an Old Master – Jack Watkins, Country Music People