Waving Not Drowning

Category - Drama
Date - 23/03/2017 8:00 pm

The Mental Health Roadshow presented by Bread & Roses Theatre Company





One in four of us will have mental health problems at some stage in our lives. Why?

What’s life like for the one in ten of us in Ireland suffering from depression? For the family and friends of the 451 individuals who took their own lives last year? Why aren’t we doing more to help those who become unwell, and to promote good mental health? Why is it ok to talk about diabetes, but so hard to talk about schizophrenia?

Bread and Roses Theatre Company’s ‘Waving, Not Drowning, The Mental Health Roadshow’ is a montage of original short plays, sketches and songs that attempts to address these concerns.

There’s a story about a young woman who hears voices, a stressed family doctor, a first-time mother with post-natal depression. Heavy stuff, you might think but there’s plenty of humour, comic situations and witty dialogue.