The Ladies of Company B

Category - Music
Date - 18/05/2018 8:00 pm

Company-B-Jazz-Band-B&Wbook-online1One of Vancouver, Canada’s foremost jazz ensembles quartet comprises three vocalists (playing trumpet, percussion and ukulele respectively) and upright bass.  In their 10+ years as a band this talented group of musicians have delighted audiences across the globe from all walks of life.  Featuring a harmonizing female vocal trio in vintage style, their creative arrangements, sharp image and charming wit never fail to get toes tapping and faces smiling.
The Ladies Of Company B have toured internationally, gracing the stages of such renowned jazz and music festivals as the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival (Canada), the Jiansgsu Jazz & World Music Festival (China), and the New Orleans Boswell Sisters Review (US).  This, however, is their very first foray across the Atlantic but it’s sure to be worthwhile.