The Coarse Acting Show

Category - Drama
Date - 05/05/2018 8:00 pm

presented by Bard Theatre Company
A Comedic Crash Course in how NOT to do Theatre!
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The Pratfall Collegium Dramatics Society are an amateur group on the verge of becoming theatre professionals. They have it all – lights, sound, a set, and, more importantly, the correct number of cast members. All they lack however, is the ability to pull it off.
Sets will collapse or not appear at all. Sound cues blare at any moment. Lights fail to illuminate the right spot, or indeed any. Lines will be dropped and picked up again thirty pages later and some actors may not even appear in the right place or even at the right time. Some actors do not even appear at all…
Based on the disastrous workings of the fictional Pratfall Collegium Dramatics Society, ‘The Course Acting Show’ is a crash course on how NOT to do theatre.