The Brother Brothers

Category - Music
Date - 25/03/2019 8:00 pm





The closest thing you’ll find to Simon & Garfunkel this century

Brother Brothers Web ResizeTwin brothers Adam and David Moss are a musical duo unlike most others. Their sound is striking and undeniably captivating, often leaning towards the darker, moody elements of Appalachian folk, klezmer and bluegrass traditions.

They tour as an acoustic duo – David on cello and guitar, Adam on the 5 string fiddle. With individual storied careers in the Americana scene under the belts, the brothers have finally teamed up to bring their experiences together and create something really special.


The Brother Brothers’ 2017 EP Tugboats might be one of the best releases of the year. Incredible singing, some of the sweetest fiddle playing and cello accompaniment I’ve heard, and songs that are amazing in both their simplicity, and their ability to put rhyme and reason to complex human emotions.-Saving Country Music