School House Rules

Category - Drama
Date - 22/08/2018 - 23/08/2018 8:00 pm

School House Rulesbook-online1Substitute teacher Mr Ryder dares his transition year English and History students to be different. Bringing his love of theatre to initially reluctant students he challenges them to be experiment. The resultant memorable production surprises everybody including the young people themselves.

Not every student is happy with their new teacher, however. As the year goes on, tensions come to the fore.
Written and directed by Ultan Pringle School House Rules is a funny and moving play with echoes of ‘80’s classic The Breakfast Club. Providing a glimpse into the classroom and the lives of the students and staff who spend their days there, it explores issues of bullying, inclusion, diversity and the role of education and the arts. It comes to The Balor after a sold-out run in Killybegs earlier this year.