Kevin McAleer – Guru

Category - Comedy
Date - 05/10/2019 8:00 pm

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Following Guru McAleer’s legendary live apparition in the Balor two years ago, the level of mindfulness in East Donegal surged by a phenomenal 67% overnight. He now returns for a glorious Second Coming, having just been voted ‘Ireland’s Humblest Lama’ by Truth Magazine for the eighteenth year running.
It’s almost fifty years since Guru McAleer first coined the word ‘mindfulness’, and he is still coining it today. In 2019 he has scaled new heights of global fame and fortune with the hugely populist ‘Be Your Own Brexit’, and has appeared dozens of times on ‘Celebrity Zen Master Chef’ and as an outspoken judge on ‘Tibet’s Got Talent.’
McAleer’s Advanced Awareness Seminars promise total self-discovery on the night, or your money back. Participants are gently guided to a state of deep relaxation, emptying the mind of all thought, and replacing it with meaningless laughter. An evening of divine light entertainment not to be missed.
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