Keep ‘Er Lit

Category - Musical
Date - 07/02/2020 10:30 am


The Good Friday Agreement has just been signed signifying an end to The Troubles but four talented musicians – Callan, Jodie, Katie and Mat – are still enduring troubles of their own.

After spending a year together on a community programme with the support of their mentors Dylan – a journeyman in the band scene – and Fauna – a professional singer who was destined for stardom before life took her in a different direction – they have one final goal: a live performance as a band.

Will circumstances hold them back or will they rise to the challenge that awaits them in the wilds of Donegal? Join these four young people on their trip into the unknown with Andy the bus driver, Garda McCluskey, Bridie the bar owner and a host of other characters making it a weekend that they will never forget!