Dreamers and Dancers

Category - Drama
Date - 15/10/2019 - 18/10/2019 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Dreamers and Dancers

Written by Susan Doherty

Adapted and directed by Monica Doherty

On a sunny day in June 2006, Susan Doherty stood, along with a hundred or more onlookers, on the pavement, outside the old Isaac Butt Memorial Hall. Seated at a table were the members of the Butt Hall Committee and various dignitaries. The final contract was signed. The Old Butt Hall would be demolished before the end of the week to make way for the new Butt Hall Centre

It struck Susan that in a few days, the much-loved Butt Hall would be gone forever. So she set about writing the original script for Dreamers & Dancers-The Story Of       The Butt Hall.

Take a trip now down memory lane with us now to when it all began over 100 years ago. From drama productions to silent movies, court cases to card games, an educational facility to a library we celebrate the many ways in which the history of The Butt Hall is woven into the fabric of this community.

Above all there’s the music. For all its myriad activities and uses down through the years, it’s as a Dance Hall that the Butt Hall is most famously and fondly                remembered – one of the true Ballrooms of Romance.