Abigail’s Party

Category - Drama
Date - 07/04/2017 8:00 pm






Lifford Players 2017 festival play is Mike Leigh’s classic satirical take on the British middle class.

Beverly Moss invites new neighbours Angela and Tony to her house for drinks. Also present are another neighbour – divorcee Sue whose 15 year old daughter Abagail is holding a party of her own at home – and Beverly’s husband hpw Laurence who comes home late from work just before the guests arrive.

The gathering starts off in stiff, insensitive British middle-class fashion. As Beverly serves more drinks stiff upper lips are loosened and events begin to unravel. Beverly snipes at Laurence and openly flirts with Tony and the evening takes a tragic twist.

Set in 1970’s suburban London, Abigail’s Party is a blackly comic tour de force in which the obsessions, prejudices, fears and petty competitiveness of the protagonists are ruthlessly exposed.