Not at Home

Category - Special Interest
Date - 17/05/2018 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

free-eventNot-At-Home-(1)In 2013, she travelled to have an abortion. Afterwards, she needed to talk to women who had made this journey, she asked them to share their stories. In the waiting room, they all felt alone. They were not at home.


Now, we are speaking their words out loud, in public, in NOT AT HOME; Bring These Stories Home, the truth of a lived experience shared by thousands of Irish women and girls over decades.


We are asking you to come and listen to them, their words bear witness to the consequences of the 8th amendment. Before any vote is cast or any mind is made up, we believe we need to understand the reality of the status quo. We are listening to yes, we are listening to no, NOT AT HOME is the space to listen to her before you vote.


There will be no arguments, no shouting, no stopwatch to ensure balance. This is not a sermon to the converted – it’s a calm place for the undecided.

Admission is free