10 Dark Secrets Of The Irish Revolution

Category - Special Interest
Date - 01/02/2020 8:00 pm




10 Dark Secrets WebsizeMaster storyteller, comedian, musician, part-time historian and Balor favourite Paddy Cullivan is back with an audiovisual spectacular for the Centenary decade of the Irish Revolution.

Using Satire, Imagery, Historical Insight and Song – Paddy reveals the 10 strangest things (and Darkest Secrets) that happened during our Rising, Revolution and Counter-Revolution (Civil War). He also draws parallels with those events’ effects on modern Ireland and how we treat the revolution culturally.

How did the lawyer who prosecuted the 1916 leaders end up in one of the highest positions in the Free State? Why were 280,000 women denied the vital Treaty Election Vote of 1922? What made 2 million people turn from hating 1916 to supporting the War of Independence? What dark secrets made Michael Collins sign the Treaty and why is his assassination even stranger and more covered-up than JFK’s? His death is the pivotal moment in Irish history yet it didn’t even merit an inquest…

Unfolding like an unputdownable thriller – an Irish version of The Godfather – all these questions and more will be dealt with in the show to end all Irish Revolution shows.

Praise for 10 Dark Secrets:

Romanticism makes way for pragmatism and careful analysis with Paddy’s unique brand of humour and story-telling genius – Irish Independent

An audience in hysterics, rapturous applause and lots of food for thought – John F. Kennedy Summer School